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THE STORY OF MODELCARGROUP MODEL CAR GROUP·DONNERSTAG, 14. DEZEMBER 2017 THE STORY OF MODELCARGROUP ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a passionate diecastmodelcar collector and his loyal wife. His needs to chose from a wide range of diecastmodelcars, order and receive quickly, was not satisfied by any onlineshop. So the couple started to build an online-shop from scratch – whose vison it was to be the one having the widest assortment - all scales – all brands – all prices. As timed passed their passion for diceastmodelcars paid off. They earned the capability to provide their customers an assortment of 18.000 different diecastmodelscars. With their loyal team they worked, and are still working, hard and with passion each single day to make there customers happy. To make customers happy inlcudes providing the most beautiful and best brands the market has to offer. That’s why we proudly present our very astonishing BoS, NEO and CMF-Models. Even for less budget we solved the problem and can provide great products with the brands Whitebox, MCG and Welly. We are more than any other online-shop for diecastmodelcars. It’s our mission to provide the best products the market has to offer. And our customers are the reason we work for. Thanks to all our loyal and great customers that accompanied us all these years. And we kindly welcome all the new customers which will be looking for the greatest modelcars the market has to offer. We are the ModelCarGroup – we are diecastmodelcarpassion!
Model Car World GmbH
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Benjamin Kühn