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Digital Trust ist unsere Mission. So funktionieren Bewertungen bei Trusted Shops.

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Bei der Bestellung änderte sich aus nicht mehr nachvollziehbaren Gründen die Anzahl der gekauften Lizenzen { 7 statt 1 Lizenz). Wenn auch nach mehrfachem Mailverkehr hat das Unternehmen die Anzahl anstandslos auf die gewünschte Menge reduziert und den Mehrbetrag erstattet.

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I recently engaged with Blitzhandel24 for the purchase of Nuance PDF 3.1 for Mac OS. The process was straightforward, and the site's user interface was commendable. However, I encountered a significant issue post-purchase regarding software compatibility. The website listed the software as compatible with "Mac OS," without specifying version requirements. This led to the reasonable expectation that the software would operate on my system. Upon realization that it did not, I contacted customer service for assistance. The customer service team maintained that I should have been aware of the specific system requirements, yet these were not clearly stated where they should have been, which is the point of sale. The team referenced terms regarding the ESD right of withdrawal, but this does not adequately address the core issue of the product being not as described. I provided screenshots and detailed feedback in an effort to resolve the matter. However, the company's response has been to deny any responsibility for the lack of clear product information, leaving me with a product I cannot use and no offered resolution. I urge Blitzhandel24 to reconsider their approach to customer service and to take this feedback seriously. Accurate product descriptions are essential, and when a customer's experience does not match what has been advertised, a respectful and understanding approach to service can go a long way. In the spirit of constructive feedback, I hope that this review will be taken as an opportunity for Blitzhandel24 to improve their services. An open dialogue and a willingness to address customer concerns should be the cornerstone of any service-oriented business.
Digital Trust ist unsere Mission. So funktionieren Bewertungen bei Trusted Shops.

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